employee job and culture FIT through science based predictive analytics

Hire Smarter. Increase Engagement. Maximize Retention. Grow the Right Culture

find your education and career FIT using predictive science

Self Discovery. Career Modeler. Job Readiness Tools. Job Search.

online tools using predictive pathway FIT to enhance counseling services

Attract Students. Guide Students. Graduate With Success. Place Students Into Jobs.



Interview and hire only people who will fit
Reduce turnover and cultivate your culture
Make your company a desired workplace

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Craft education and career-life paths
Assessments for self discovery
Job search and job readiness tools

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Attract students into programs
Guide students toward meaningful paths
Graduate students into careers that fit

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"We see jobZology™ as key to our people growth. Recognizing the interests, values and workplace preferences of the talent we recruit will allow us to shape jobs and craft effective ways to stimulate and engage them over their tenure with us. This is an exciting tool."

− Gary Kaiser | President Meritage Systems

"I think everyone in the employment equation would like a way to decrease the pain/return ratio of job hunting and candidate matching. It’s a huge opportunity for innovation that jobZology™ has taken on using smart science and smart tech, and we love being part of that."

− Guy Babbit PhD, PE | CEO Czero Engineering Solutions

"I just did the assessments. It was really fun and VERY informative! My results dipicted a lot of what I already knew and many of the reasons I am not enjoying my current position. The evaluations give me a real sense of what direction to move in and it is really exciting. I think you and your team have put together a tool that will revolutionize the hiring and job seeking world!"

− Sheila A. | Business Professional

"The results of the employee survey gave our company leaders a candid look into employee workplace attitudes. It is a great tool. We are now using the jobZology™ VIP tool to evaluate job candidates to ensure they are compatible with our organizational culture and that they are suited to their desired roles. It’s been spot on helping us select the right candidate."

− Nicole Shestak | HR Director In-Situ
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