“I was introduced to jobZology® through a few Calvin College business professors who were using it in their classes. They shared their results from a NetVUE project and introduced me to a seminar featuring Dr. Bryan Dik, Calvin College graduate and co-founder of jobZology®. After listening to Bryan Dik and seeing the reliability and validity of the methods, I added jobZology® as a tool we now utilize in the Career Center. As a result, it has generated excitement among our admissions staff and has become one of the primary systems our coaches use in helping students shape their unique vocational identities.”

– TaRita Johnson – Director of Career Development, Calvin College


“Students indicated that the assessment results either supported what they already knew about themselves or offered new and valuable insights. Many students used the assessment results and career planning tools to consider ways of pursuing a career path that they would find meaningful and interesting.”

–Rick Varley – Director of Internships and Career Development, University of Hawaii at Manoa


“jobZology® provides our students an easy to use platform to help them discern their unique strengths and interests as it relates to their vocation. We have found jobZology® to be a most accurate assessment tool that helps students predict and discern their career options early on. As such, it has proven to be an invaluable tool as we seek to augment the career development services we provide.” -Dr. Danny Kirkpatrick

– Director of Calling and Servant Leadership, University of the Southwest


“I can’t say enough about the value jobZology® has brought to our campus career services…jobZology® allows us to seamlessly help students discover careers of interest, explore transfer institutions, and possible majors. It is a user-friendly tool with tons of added resources to help students prepare for their future careers.”

– Courtney Shelton- Vice President of Professional Development and Design, Spartanburg Methodist College


“The College of Business at Western Carolina University uses jobZology® as a career services platform for its students. Students appreciate the self-discovery through jobZology®’s assessment tools and finding job descriptions that fit their interests and aptitudes. Finding open employment opportunities that match their profiles and the geographic area they are interested in is especially beneficial.”

-Dr. Darrell Parker – Dean of the College of Business


“Oral Roberts University’s approach to education is “Whole Person”.  A student’s journey should not only be rich with experience, joy, and knowledge, but also filled with opportunities to connect them to the ultimate destination of a meaningful work life. For us, jobZology® offered something that is the perfect marriage of emerging technology to education and career pathway tools. Their predictive science and online platform will play a role in many programs here at ORU Online designed to develop the mind and spirits of our student body.  Making the decision to use jobZology® was simple knowing our purposes were in perfect alignment and would enhance many of the outcomes we intend to reach.“

– Dr. Kim Nugent, Vice President for Student Experience


“A critical service the CSU Alumni Association provides is career exploration. Teaming with jobZology®, the Alumni Association created a pilot career exploration program with over 250 participants! Exploring themes of values, interests, personality and work environment, the jobZology® assessment helped our alumni discover purpose in their current and future careers. We plan to continue our partnership with jobZology® by offering an online career exploration program, starting spring 2014.”

– Dr. Therese Lask Sr. – Director and Lifetime Member, Colorado State University Alumni Association


“Montgomery County Community College has been awarded an iPASS grant and have embarked upon a 5-year study to improve education outcomes using predictive measures of fit to education and career choice. Our vision for jobZology® is to build upon our strategic plan to: “Continue implementation of integrated planning and advising services with a goal that every entering degree-seeking student complete an education, financial and career plan within their first semester and that this plan will lead to improved retention, progression and completion for new students.”

jobZology®, born from academic research in this area, and patented with predictive science of providing a unique fit score for a student’s education and vocational pathway success was an obvious choice for a tool to use to support the grant initiative. Both parties could clearly see a way to use jobZology® as an overlay to the breadth of services MCCC planned to provide students in this multi- year impact study.”

– Dr. Celeste Schwartz – Vice President of Information Technology

“We implemented jobZology® to augment our advising redesign work. As part of our advising reform, students are creating academic, career, and financial plans. The integration between all three is supported by embedding career counseling and planning into the academic advising conversation, an integration made possible by the jobZology® tool. By creating a comprehensive career assessment system, it allowed our students, academic advisors, faculty, and Career Services staff to have a very easy adoption of use. Additionally, we were able to feed this information back to the other technology systems so that we can track student progress through the tool and begin to use the data provided as part of our predictive analytics work.”

– Montgomery County Community College IPASS Team


“From our experience in working with thousands of inner-city youth on the south side of Chicago, we truly understand and appreciate the value of jobZology®. Scientifically based career guidance that is linked to job opportunities coupled with the tools needed to help them prepare for job interviews and differentiate themselves in the process, are invaluable to the students. Being a cloud based tool, jobZology® allows us to reach students in middle school, high school, and over 30 colleges throughout the country in which they attend. We are happy to partner with jobZology® in helping them achieve their vision to become the perfect matchmaker between students, educational institutions and employers.”

– Bill Schleicher – President of Gary Comer Inc.


“We love that we can provide jobZology® to an unlimited number of users based on a simple annual fee. This allows us to provide it to our alumni under any programs we create and develop.”

– Leslie Marmor – Assistant Director, Alumni Career Education and Development


“I think our results this year show that our management team can make a difference and seeing it in the numbers is huge.  I appreciate your engagement with us and the time you spent explaining (and providing useful examples) for moving forward.”

– Angela Quinn – Human Resources Executive, Pathways Hospice


“I think everyone in the employment equation would like a way to decrease the pain/return ratio of job hunting and candidate matching. It’s a huge opportunity for innovation that jobZology® has taken on using smart science and smart tech, and we love being part of that.”

– Guy Babbit PhD, PE – CEO, Czero Engineering Solutions

“Hiring for fit to culture is critical for employee satisfaction and longevity. Our partnership with jobZology® is helping us to achieve that goal. Their toolset gives us insight into our employees’ overall satisfaction and fit to their positions as well as a greater sense of our existing company culture, which helps us identify the better candidates for specific positions as well as for melding within our team.”

-Jenny Eggleston – Employee Development, Accounting Services Inc.


“We see jobZology® as key to our people growth. Recognizing the interests, values and workplace preferences of the talent we recruit will allow us to shape jobs and craft effective ways to stimulate and engage them over their tenure with us. This is an exciting tool.”

– Gary Kaiser – President, Meritage Systems


“I talk with employers from different sectors every day and they all talk about fit. ­ They need employees to fit their culture- but sometimes that culture has not been defined. jobZology® is the answer to their quest to help current employees find their fit, values, and personality to their current job and make them a better employee, and help employers understand their culture better.With WorkLife¹s 300% growth in 3 months, we connected with jobZology® to better understand the change in culture going on in our organization which then allowed leadership to better respond to employees¹ needs and vice versa. jobZology® is a tool that every organization can utilize to help their employees become more engaged and happier on the job.”

-Liddy Romero – Executive Director, WorkLife Partnership

Meet Ian


“ I used the jobZology® tools to compare the characteristics of the career I am looking to get into to what the assessments told me my strengths were and found a favorable match-up.

-Brennen – 3rd year student with a business major


“It seems to be 100000x more useful than the Myers Briggs. It is easy to use and to understand. The feedback also seems to be very accurate in the suggestions of job matches.”

-Trevor – 3rd year student majoring in business


“jobZology® helped me understand the parts of a career that I hadn’t thought about before, such as workplace preferences and values. But I will definitely look at those as I move forward.”

-Dennis – 4th year business major

Meet Nicolette


“I highly recommend anyone who is interested in knowing more about the type of work environment that best fits [to] take the online assessment. Finding the right work environment is like finding the right relationship. Through jobZology®‘s use of today’s technology, there is no need to guess. In this post-recession world precision in hiring and accepting job offers is key to individual and company success. What a GREAT idea. Kudos to the founders of jobZology®”.”The summary report provided at the end is a wonderful way to review all your traits.  It tells you how the results are scored for each section.  No other assessment [previously taken] tells you how you score. I enjoyed learning these things about myself and now have a plan for how to talk with my advisors in the future.”

– Arron, a Sophomore in General Studies


“jobZology® shows your unique fit score to jobs. This is helpful if you don’t know what type of work you want to do [with a business degree]. After taking the assessments you can see your overall [scores] and narrow down your focus to things like retail, accounting and management.  It is an awesome website for college students use for searching for what’s next and see where they belong”

– Holly a 3rd Year Business Student