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Staff Attrition vs. Staff Turnover: What’s the Difference?

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Losing employees through staff attrition and turnover is costly – it’s plain and simple. Between costs associated with separation, loss of productivity, recruitment, interviewing, training, and onboarding, the loss of a single employee is estimated to cost businesses 50% of that individual’s annual salary. Replacement costs can be lower for entry-level roles while replacement costs are significantly higher for professional,…

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How jobZology Changed Students’ Lives in 2017

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The results are in! During the Fall Semester of 2017, jobZology partnered with a number of schools to collect data from student samples to measure how student’s thoughts and feelings related to the career-discernment process changed over time. The results show that jobZology significantly impacted students’ lives in a positive way, arming them with knowledge and confidence about vocational pathways…

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Get Ahead of 2018’s Workforce Trends with Fit

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You may have heard of the terms burnout and engagement. In fact, handling burnout, or the extent to which an employee feels exhausted, cynical, and incompetent due to their job, is one of Forbes’ 2018 Workplace Trends[1]. Human Resource leaders speculate that burnout leads to half of all yearly turnover. Engagement, on the other hand, describes the energy, purpose, and…

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The Science behind jobZology®

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jobZology is built on a principle supported by decades of research – the better the fit between a person and a work environment, the better the outcomes for both parties. Person-environment fit (P-E fit) theories suggest that employees who are in roles that fit well with their psychological make-up tend to be satisfied, want to stay in their jobs, and…

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Envision jobZology® on Your Campus

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While talking with prospective clients during jobZology® demos, we often get asked the question, “How have other schools used jobZology® on their campuses?” From individual advising appointments and classroom assignments, to campus-wide freshman orientation and university experience courses, as well as integration within students’ academic records – we’ve seen our clients implement jobZology® across their campuses in creative ways that align…

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Informational Interviewing for Vocational Exploration

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Written by: Amy Huber, Senior jobZologist   You’ve taken your jobZology assessments, read through your results, explored your career matches, and identified a few vocational pathways that pique your interest. Now what? A good place to start is by reading career information available on jobZology and other internet sites that outline job descriptions, typical tasks, and summarize the knowledge, skills,…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using the MBTI

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Written by: Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D., Principal Psychologist Like thousands of companies across the U.S., you may already be using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI.  If you are, you know that it is a personality-based questionnaire that classifies people into one of 16 “types” based on their preferences for perceiving information and making decisions.  The 16 types are often the…

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