Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

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By: Amy Huber, senior jobZologist As an individual born between the years of 1980 and 2000, I’ve had my fair share of encounters with that dreaded word. You know, the “M” word. Alright, I’ll say it…I’m a Millennial! While I have a number of thoughts about the label and the baggage that comes with it, I cannot argue with the…

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Will an Algorithm Land You Your Next Job?

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Written by: Bryan Dik, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer Just about anyone who has looked long and hard for a job can tell you how painful the process can be. Hours and hours are sunk into scouring job boards, circling endless employer displays at job fairs, revising that dreaded resumé, and making countless phone calls that will undoubtedly go unreturned. The…

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The Power of Two

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Written by: Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D, Principal Psychologist Importance of Knowing Yourself In prior blogs, we’ve talked about the importance of grounding your career planning on reflecting what has already driven you and engaging in self-exploration to guide your planning.  You may have heard Plato’s advice: Know thyself.  But did you know what Benjamin Franklin said about it?  Franklin once wrote: ““There…

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Flip the Script on Career Decisions

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Three of the most important decisions young adults will make involve their major, their college, and their career. How should students make those decisions and, more importantly, in what order? Some students may pick the college they’d like to attend based on location, recommendations, or their parent’s alma matter. After a few semesters at school, they may finally settle on…

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Are Colleges Giving Students Good Career Advice?

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  Do U.S. colleges provide students what they need to build successful careers?  According to an article in The Atlantic, maybe not. Citing the results of a Gallup-Purdue Index study suggesting that just one in six college graduates in the U.S. found their Career Services office to be “very helpful,” the article argues that perhaps colleges should spend fewer resources…

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Start the Semester Strong with Self-Exploration

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  As a college student, mid-to-late August always brought a large wave of mixed feelings: coming to terms with the imminent end of summer; reminiscing on nights spent fireside with friends; getting excited to see familiar faces bustling around campus; yet still dreading the onslaught of readings, assignments, and projects that comes with the start of a new semester. Why…

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New Report Claims GPS for Education is the Answer

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According to a new report released by the Complete College America Alliance of States, the vast majority of American college students do not graduate on time… but many more can – saving themselves and their families precious time and money.  Here are some of the astonishing statistics: Only 50 of the more than 580 public four-year institutions in America have on-time graduation rates…

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Millennial – a Bad Label or a Way of Being?

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I was recently interviewed about my thoughts on “Millennials”. The way it was stated made me react less to the classification of the age group and more to the implied label it suggested. I was oddly struck by the word and the un-PC like implication. “Millennials”… I repeated the word out loud, and sensed a metallic taste in my mouth as…

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