Decisions can change the course of your life forever

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In a recent article written by Meg Selig, an author who writes about the change of success uses the term “change power” which is when you combine the strength and willpower with the support of family or friends and a healthy environment to create change through success. Why do people have such a hard time creating change within education, employment, or leaving the familiar? 62% of people do not like leaving their comfort zone and do so rarely. How can we make change a positive experience? Discover, debate and decide.

Step 1: Discover Yourself

People think they know what they want or what makes them happy, but more often than not, they are motivated by status, money or other people. Others don’t realize they aren’t happy. So how do you discover your true self? Here are a few things you can do to help you get there:

1. Take a day off from work, errands, and chores and do whatever you want. This will help guide you through what brings you joy and what activities you truly want to be doing.
2. Start a journal and reflect on your day every night. What were your victories? What were some challenges you need to overcome? What are your goals for tomorrow? This will allow you to understand your purpose for each day and gain a sense of self-awareness.
3. Write down what you value the most in life. Stick this on your mirror in the bathroom to read each morning while you brush your teeth. By understanding your values, you will be motivated to live for those values each day.

Step 2: Debating Change

Now that we have discovered who you are, how do you know how you should make a change? Walk through these questions to guide your thoughts.

1. Are you unhappy?
2. Do you think of a different future for yourself?
3. Are you becoming someone you aren’t?
4. Do you feel stuck?

Step 3: Deciding to Change

Reflect on the questions below before you make the decision.

1. Why do you want to make a change?
2. Does this change align with what makes you happy, your goals, and your values?
3. How will this change affect your future?
4. Is this change for YOU?

Final Step: Taking Action

You do not have to be alone! Always reach out to family, friends, and peers and see what options you have. The most important thing to remember when making life-changing decisions is that all good things take time.

For some an additional tool, PathwayU is an online, easy-to-use self-guide you can use as a tool to support your life-changing decisions in education, career, and employment. The platform uses scientific predictive analytics to measure your fit in the education and workforce. Change is scary but it does not have to be when seeking a more meaningful and sustainable life.


“Know Yourself? 6 Specific Ways to Know Who You Are.” Phycology Today, Sussex Publishers,

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